We build new businesses at the intersection of two worlds: corporates and startups.

Next Big brings entrepreneurial ventures to life, working at the intersection of large corporations and the startup ecosystem. We build digital and IoT-enabled ventures, leveraging the best of startup technologies to achieve the growth and business goals of our corporate network. Our model addresses two important needs:

  • Incubating ventures for corporate partners. Mature companies need new sources of growth beyond today's core business. We deliver 'disruption on demand’, using a venturing model that provides the right balance of autonomy and integration, along with shared risks and rewards. We build and incubate it. You own and scale it.
  • Creating digital platforms to support multiple customers. We work with corporate partners to identify business improvement opportunities that can become ecosystem-level solutions. If attractive and scalable, we'll take on the risk of funding, designing and commercializing a new cross-enterprise software platform and business. We develop a solution targeted to your needs. You leverage it as a key customer. 

What we do:

New venture definition and scoping. 

We bring entrepreneurial skills and business acumen to the task of defining and assessing the viability of potential digital or IoT ventures. We're entrepreneurs, not consultants, so our focus is on rapid vetting of opportunities -- not billable hours. We apply a two-stage process to identify and structure potential ventures, all within 90-days:

  • Co-develop strategic briefs with corporate clients & identify transformative business opportunities for potential pursuit
  • Rapidly explore and assess opportunities, then develop the most attractive into venture plans  

Talent network of on-demand entrepreneurs. 

We're building one of the world's best curated networks of entrepreneurial and business talent, recruited and selected for their unique blend of startup and corporate innovation experience. Our extended networks can also quickly find and attract specialized talent as needed. 

Turnkey venture staffing - Once venture opportunities have been defined and vetted with our partners, we'll bring in the right team to lead the program from both business and technical aspects.

A la carte resources - We can also provide entrepreneurial talent to embed within your organization, often to lead or support your own innovation and venturing initiatives.  

Turnkey venture delivery.

We provide the leadership, agile development methods and digital technologies to manage turnkey ventures using one of two models:

Shared risk/reward model -- In this model, our corporate partners retain ownership of the venture. Compensation for Next Big is based on a cost-plus model & performance-based compensation, using agreed upon metrics. Our incentives are aligned with our clients' goals.

Equity-based model -- For ventures that address cross-company platform opportunities, we co-invest with our corporate partners or fund via our own investment sources. Either way, our corporate partners benefit (as customers) from unique and early access to new digital platforms to support their business goals.

Next Big has relationships with seed-stage investment partners who are keenly interested in funding these types of digital ventures. Beyond funding, we supply talent, technologies and a proven business incubation process to rapidly commercialize digital and IoT ventures that address important customer and market problems. Our venture development approach is focused on rapidly incubating businesses and then exiting within 12-18 months, once the business model is validated and the opportunity is ready to scale.  

Next Big can deliver on breakthrough digital and IoT-enabled ventures, because we bring unique capabilities:

  • Proven leadership - Led by seasoned entrepreneurs with proven experience and success in both startups and corporate innovation. 
  • Outsourced risk - We take on much of the upfront risk, including funding when needed (through our seed-stage venture capital partners); our corporate partners benefit from 'ready to scale' ventures designed around their needs.
  • Speed - Our proven methods and proprietary tools support rapid venture development, delivering value much faster than other approaches. 
  • Technology access - Our scouting team has over ten years of proven technology scouting capability and tools to quickly find and access enabling technologies and in support of disruptive business models.
  • Technology development - With world-class teams in the US & Europe; we bring deep expertise in designing software platforms, artificial intelligence, IoT and connected products. 

Our story:

Our Team: The co-founders of Next Big bring decades of business, technical, and entrepreneurial experience. We're global and diverse, with team members in the U.S. and Europe, plus representation in Israel, China and beyond. The initial team collaborated on piloting the methods and business model behind Next Big through a series of individual projects over the last few years. With validation of the need and the approach, the business was formally launched in late 2016. 

Our model is industry agnostic, with an initial focus on fin-tech, e-commerce, digital health, and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Together with our partners, we're passionate about finding the next big ideas and helping them see the light of day. We believe in the combined power of entrepreneurship and corporate scale – a combination that can unlock hidden value, improve peoples' lives and make the world a better place. 

Our Name: The name Next Big, relates to our focus on defining and incubating entrepreneurial ventures with the potential to become the next big digital platform or growth business for our corporate partners. 

The upside-down U in our logo is the first letter of 'next', as well as the mathematical symbol for 'intersection'. In our case, it represents the intersection of entrepreneurial agility and risk-taking, combined with corporate business acumen and the ability to compete at scale. 

What's Next: While our founding team and implementation partners bring decades of proven experience with some of the world's best companies and successful startups, we're a new business, undertaking our first ventures. Stay tuned as we expand our model, our team and our reach. But don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you face a business challenge that could benefit from our approach. 

Get in touch and we'll keep you updated with our progress!